My Story

I am a mother of "5", the oldest is 31 and the youngest is "4".  I have "4" grand-children, "2" boys and "2" girls. I am married to a wonderful man, who supports me 110%.  He makes flyers, samples, shirts, you name it, he does it!  He also sells to the guys.  He can sell some room sprays. With a much busier life now with a "3" year old, that just loves Scentsy already.  I need Scentsy even more.  Im able to work from home in my pj's and set my own hours.  I earn that extra income to use toward new expenses we have with a growing family.  When I was first introduced to Scentsy, I loved it. I right away started  using their products. I was than asked to Join Scentsy and become a Independent Consultant.  So I said sure, the money I was putting in, it sounded good to at least get a percentage back.  So I ordered my starter kit, which had great items, even worth more than the kit costed.  I was real excited.  My intentions was just for personal use, but before I knew it, I loved selling and spending time on Scentsy!  My husband was excited also.  I have moved up "3" ranks since I have joined and have a Amazing Growing Team. We all have the same hunger that is needed to be successful.  I am now a Lead Consultant, and strive each day to better myself and my Team.  We have Great Support Groups who is helping me with my journey.  My love for my business continues to grow. I love the recognition that Scentsy and other consultants give. When I seem to get off track, there's my team, checking in.  We are a Team and I am proud to say I am a Scentsy Consultant. Join my Team and see what your potentials are.  You will be surprised, because I am.  Thank You for reading my Scentsy Story.